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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gubra (2006)

Seven years after Jason, Orked is now married to a much older guy, Arif. Everything seems ideal in their marriage at first glance; Arif loves Orked to bits and theirs seem like a match made in heaven. One fateful morning, Orked is awakened by a distressing phone call from Mak Inom with news that Pak Atan has become catatonic due to diabetic complications. Orked rushes to her parents house, to find Pak Atan unresponsive and ill; Mak Inom and Annuar the family driver are hysterical. Kak Yam, the family maid however is rather calm and collected. After some chaos, they take Pak Atan to the hospital. There, Orked bumps into Alan, Jasons elder brother. His father, Pa has also been hospitalized. As the film develops, we witness the friendship between Alan and Orked flourish, to Arifs apprehension. Perhaps because for Orked, Alan is a link to her first love. Throughout the film we are also introduced to another 'family'. The muezzin or Pak Bilal heads an institution of sorts; consisting of his wife, Kak Maz, their 7 year-old child, two prostitutes, Temah and Kiah, as well as Temahs son, Shahrin and a mysterious gambler named Ki. Pak Bilal is portrayed as a non-judgmental and religious man whose way of 'preaching' is most unconventional. A family man, Pak Bilal chooses to surround himself in a community that seems lost, and lacking in hope, love and trust. Their vivacity in this film is in direct opposite from Orkeds thus the audience is invited to observe the diversity between the two sets. The story then unfolds into a web of deceit and heartbreak. Orked finds out that her husband has been cheating on her; Temah is diagnosed with a serious illness, Ki meets his illegitimate son under dismaying circumstances. Kak Yam falls for a hospital attendant named Pengki, to Annuars dismay, whilst taking care of Pak Atan in the ward, and Kiah, the young prostitute is killed accidentally.

Cast : Sharifah Amani, Adlin Aman Ramlie, Ida Nerina, Adibah Noor, Harith Iskandar, Alan Yun, Rozie Rashid, Nam Ron, Norkhiriah

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