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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Homegrown 3-7

Aptly titled 'Homegrown', this 30-minute show brings talented, Malaysian indie bands to the forefront. Targeted at those who love music and fresh music, each episode of 'Homegrown' focuses on one band with an exclusive interview as well as three of their songs recorded live for viewers to sample. True blue rock and alternative/underground music fans will be thrilled to know that established groups such as Butterfingers,Estrella, Seven Collar T-Shirt, Estranged, Nice Stupid Playground, Nitrus will be featured in this 13-episode show. Don't think it will just be entertainment; viewers will also be getting valuable insights on music. Apart from stepping into the lives of these bands, 'Homegrown' also features other short segments which include an equipment/gear review; a DIY segment; music tips; a gig guide, local music news and advice from the musicians themselves.

Episode 7


Download part 1 play with VLC player or FLV player


Download part 2 play with VLC player or FLV player


Download part 3 play with VLC player or FLV player

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