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Monday, February 2, 2009

Pepaya 25

Pak Paya an ordinary farmer gifted with super powers which enable him to help himself and the villagers who are in trouble. He discovers that he has super powers after he was attacked by Borhan’s right hand man who wanted Pak Paya’s land. Borhan is Pak Paya’s step brother who failed to persuade Pak Paya & Mak Jah to sell their land in order to fund his business. After Pak Paya was attacked, they throw his body in an empty lab. A few scientist was doing an experiment using a papaya an accidentally the electric wave enter Pak Paya’s body. Suddenly Pak Paya’s hand grew bigger & stronger. Cast: Zul Yahya, Norkhiriah, Qazem Nor, Zafrul

Episode 25


Download part 1 play with VLC player or FLV player


Download part 2 play with VLC player or FLV player


Download part 3 play with VLC player or FLV player


Download part 4 play with VLC player or FLV player

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